Inspiration What is inspiration is it an idea a thought or something else, for each person it will be different and the resulting outcome will be different from a poem to a great work of art or just a scribble on a piece of paper that they had a grand day out somewhere. What each person makes of the inspiration that they see at the same time and place will have a different effect on each person some major and life changing or just a minor change in their lives not earth shattering but enough to make a way in which they behave. I said poetry and art but there are many other kinds of inspiration that can lead to life changing experiences, probability the first thing most will be thinking of is religion yes there is that but not just that, a person may be become a volunteer of some kind, take up a hobby, a new career, go traveling by whatever means that you prefer boat plane train car or any version of two wheels. A idea about an invention comes to the fore and the urge to see if it would or wouldn’t work, who knows what ideas people have come up with and never seen the light of day just a sketch of a piece of paper or the classic back of an envelope, but some go on to be make like the jet engine, rockets, televisions, cars, computers, not all things are made by scientists or engineers in well equipped workshops or labs a lot of them have came out of the shed at the bottom of the garden by someone who had an inspiration and made it happen. How many people still do that in a home workshop beavering away at something that may change the world, yet go unrecognised except by their family who said are they sill at that daft thingamabob which turns out to be something that some company develops quite independently a few years later after the death of the mad family member, and is super important and makes billions. As I have said inspiration comes in many forms and effects many people differently, should they ignore it that is up to them.

Covid 19 update

Well that’s me had my second vaccination injection today Thursday 20th so that’s me protected, no problems just a “know I am going to regret saying this” little prick that’s all. Get yours when you can and don’t be stupid and believe the lies stupid people tell you. We all would be in a lot of trouble if we never had any vaccination’s. We would still be having smallpox, measles, chickenpox, turbculosis (TB), rickets, Polo pandemics that were so common in bygone years and blighted everyone’s lives. So don’t believe the anti vaccinators and their stupid lies just get the vaccine not just for you but your family and friends, if not your a selfish bastard who doesn’t give a damm about anyone even your family.

Something to get your teeth around

Homemade Traditional Scottish Tablet
50m 4 ingredients
Vegetarian • Gluten free
Baking & spices
900 g: White sugar, granulated
85 g: Butter
1 tin: Condensed milk, sweetened
250 ml: Milk, full-fat

Homemade Brownie Mix
35m 8 ingredients
3: Eggs
Baking & spices
1 ¼ cups: All-purpose flour
1 tsp: Baking powder
2/3 cup: Cocoa powder, unsweetened
1 tsp: Salt
2 cups: Sugar
1 tsp: Vanilla
1 cup: Butter
Slow Cooker Lasagne
4h 10m 17 ingredients
½ lb: Ground beef
½ lb: Italian sausage, ground
2 tsp: Garlic powder
1: Onion, large
2 tbsp: Parsley flakes, dried
Canned goods
1 6 ounce can: Tomato paste
29 oz: Tomato sauce
2 tbsp: Worcestershire sauces
Pasta & grains
8 oz: Lasagna noodles
Baking & spices
½ tsp: Black pepper, freshly ground
2 tbsp: Granulated sugar
1 tsp: Italian seasoning
1 ½ tsp: Salt
1 ½ cups: Cottage cheese
4 cups: Mozzarella cheese
½ cup: Parmesan cheese
1 ¼ cups: Water
Authentic Scotch Pie
1h 45m 8 ingredients
300 g: Lamb mince
4 tbsp: Lamb stock
1: Onion, small
Baking & spices
100 g: Lard
½ tsp: Mace
250 g: Plain flour
1: Salt and pepper
120 ml: Water

Dream home maybe.

Below are some drawings that I have sketched up for a place of my own in the country side n Scotland but the chances of it ever happening are lower than zero. Never have the income to save up for it or get a load or mortgage. As I said in my last addition to the blog did think of doing a crowdfunding to raise the money to A) pay off my debts and B) raise the money to buy a place of my own but decided that would not work nice idea but someone else would have to set it up. Anyway see what you think of the idea and let me know. Sorry for the quality of the images and text but they were always more for my information than any ones else’s

Update of life to date.

My life update, on the 16th I got scammed out of £195 which left me with £70 in my account yes I did report it to my bank but I have to go thorough a dispute system which probably will take for ever and will still mean I will not have any money in my account to pay my bill and debts, and groceries.

I did once think of doing a go-fund or what ever they are called but A: don’t know how to do it, B: likely start at zero and end at zero, C: did try to get a loan to clear my debts and buy a few things for the flat, the bits that I need to finish off my adjustable shelving, have uprights but have still to get the supports and shelves for the books and fixtures to fix it to the wall, but obviously did not get one!

Any way the amount of money that I would really want would be to enable me to buy a smallholding / farm which would solve a few problems and let me try out a few ideas, regarding independent power generating i.e. wind, solar and hydro power. Have a metalwork, woodworking workshops maybe refurbished existing building or new building. Basically all the things I would need to have on a farm / smallholding, several greenhouses start with vegetables fruit then add farm animals like chickens, pigs. Still trying to decide what dairy animal to use? Cow, goat or sheep or all three?

Any way that’s it.


The beat of the drum matching your heart beat
Your body resounding to the beat
The beat uplifting you higher
You feel if the beat is lifting you into the air as the beat gets faster
Then the beat slows and gradually you feel as if the beat is putting you down
You come back down to earth not with a bang but gently
The feeling of exlieration
The gradual release of the energy
Tired but happy.

New Year

A new year start feels just like the last.
But the new brings with it the promise of change.
Whether good or bad just like weather.
The weather can be heavy snow in some places and none in others.
The other places can have dry sunny days or a downpour of cold rain.
The weather will change from the dismal to the cold but dry to warmer but dry days.
To finally hot sunny days.
These are the promise of the new year things getting better.
Not just in regards the weather but in all things in life.
A new year brings change in all things not just the weather or life but everything that the year will brings.

What I should have done

What I need to buy and should have bought when I had the money.
Freezer, wardrobe, work table or bits and bob to make one, and new clothes.
All that I did get when I had the money was a swivel office chair, a chest of drawers from the bedroom, bathroom cabinet at last, a few pots and pans, and some microwave pans for browning, leather working tools and some books on the subject, beer making equipment and brew kit, new graphics card and monitor.
Some cookery books, furniture making books mostly ones that I lost when I lost my flat. Paid as many bills off as possible and arranged to pay those that I couldn’t pay out right on a monthly basis.
Well the last few months have been how do I say weird odd and strange, due to Corona virus, going on furlough for I don’t remember how long then go back to work for a while, put in for all my holiday for Xmas and new year the be furlough for 3 weeks including 2 weeks of my holidays get back from my holiday for 3 day then put back on furlough again for don’t know when, had my usual quiet Xmas and new year.
Then watched what happened in the States with the attack on the capital building by Trump what should I call them rioters thugs traitors to their country, incited by Trump to do his dirty work. Hope he and they get what’s coming to them, and that they get treated as the BLM demonstrators were treated.
What start to the new year!
Also forgot I did think of buying a sewing machine but undecided about which machine and brand but also how much to pay for one, machine, brand and is available on instalments that I can or could afford. Think the reason I didn’t buy one is to do with how many times I would actually use it! Same with all the rest of the tools that I have bought just have to see if often I use them. Oh yes have got the uprights for my book shelves just have get the shelf supports and the shelf’s to go them.
Think that I will upload this to my WordPress site that as far as I am aware no-one has visited.